4 Best Solar Generators to Have After Natural Disasters

Can you imagine or have you ever encountered any of these troubles? For example, the power outage due to a Wildfire causes your home be in darkness for a long time, or you have stocked up enough food in advance, but the food in your refrigerator starts to spoil because of the power outage.

We have tested several popular solar generators on the market and have selected 4 quality products. So here is the right place if you are looking for solutions to these problems and preparing for a possible emergency later.

User Ratings (2327)
Super Easy to Use
2200W Big Capacity for Whole Day Continuously Power
10 Outputs for Multiple Devices
5-year Warranty, Less Maintenance Cost
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Renogy Phoenix 300 solar generator
User Ratings (1560)
Renogy Phoenix 300
Lightweight & Portable
Comes With Solar Panel
Easy to use
Value for money
Output is Limited
No Waterproofing
Goal Zero Yeti 3000X solar generator
Very Good
User Ratings (2071)
Goal Zero Yeti 3000X
Seven Outputs for Different Devices
Long Battery Life
Big Capacity
Relatively Long Charging Time
High Price
Poor Shelf Life
Rainier R150i Outdoor Power Supply
User Ratings (1020)
Rainier R150i Outdoor Power Supply
Quite Small
Built-in Flashlight
Output is Limited
Only for Small Appliances
No Dust And Water Protection
Not An Affordable Price
User Ratings (2327)
Super Easy to Use
2200W Big Capacity for Whole Day Continuously Power
10 Outputs for Multiple Devices
5-year Warranty, Less Maintenance Cost
The Discount Is a Limited-time Offer
Now On Sale!
June 06, 2022
Written by
Harridon Haines

I am an outdoor enthusiast and a trusted expert when it comes to camping or sports. I have over 3 years of experience living outdoors and using solar generators, and I am more than happy to share my expertise.

As we all know that the United States is a country with many natural disasters, and various regions might experience Earthquakes, Wildfires, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and other natural disasters with all the subsequent troubles.

Therefore, many people will prepare one or two home backup power at home, and solar generator is becoming the first choice for many families now. But how can you be sure that the solar generator you want to purchase will be a good one to solve these problems?

Here's why we recommend these four products?

Here's Why Byrony G2000 is #1

Why is Byrony our first choice? First of all, it has a large capacity of 2200W and can provide about a week of emergency power supply, 10 different devices can be supported simultaneously, and it can meet the emergency charging needs of different devices. The surface of the aluminum case of this body is treated with military-grade antioxidant technology, which is resistant to fire, explosion, and corrosion. This makes it more rugged and durable, as well as very easy to store on a daily basis. Byrony does not have a particularly outstanding advantage, but overall, it has a good performance in every aspect with excellent stability and very high-cost performance.

Byrony is best solar generator for home backup

Why do we choose solar generators?

First of all, solar energy is clean energy, and it's safe and noiseless, very suitable for use in residential areas, and without any pollution emissions. Secondly, the resource distribution area cannot limit solar power generation. It can be charged and powered anytime and anywhere, which is more convenient and fast. More importantly, solar generators are more money-saving now the cost of gas is getting more and more expensive, but solar generators do not need any fuel consumption. The sun will provide a constant energy source, and you can take control of your power!

Why do we choose solar generator

Factors for Choosing the Best Solar Generator

Purpose :

Your intended purpose is obviously the most important buying factor because we can't use a small portable generator to try to power your refrigerator, and the best product for you will be different depending on your own needs. Like we're talking about the best solar generators for natural disasters here. So, portability will be an important point to be considered.

In addition, the number of outlets on the generator is also a big factor to consider. Most now have more than enough outlets, but they are designed based on output power, so it's important that you only pick the right product for your needs.

Solar Input :

As usual, we need to consider battery capacity and some requirements like the battery life cycle. Most solar generators work well for small appliances, power tools, and portable electronics. Still, you will also need some high-power generators to keep your entire house running and some large appliances. So it would help if you also considered how much energy you'll need to power your devices and make sure you understand how your solar panels will convert to that energy.