Updated May 2023
best home backup solar generators
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Updated May 2023
Written by AIRAM_SOMIA Jennifer Blair
I am a 5 years housewife and living in California where power outages frequently occur due to vehicle accidents, animal outages, faulty equipment and severe weather. However, power cuts don't bother me any more since I bought a solar generator.


For anyone dealing with long time power outage, generator is often the most effective way to get electric power. But in many cases, traditional generator isn't the best way to solve electric problems especially the huge downside the noise in the night. That's why a solar generator can be so helpful for homeowners or anyone else who suffers from severe storms, utility power grid down caused electric out.

A solar generator is an electronic device that turns sunlight into electricity. This energy can be used to power electronics and appliances in your home. In most cases, solar-powered systems do not require any fuel, and there may be no need to add fuel during the usage period. It's always good to have a backup in life, especially when the power goes out.

buying guide for best solar generators


Solar generators, like most things in today's society, have advantages and disadvantages. Not everything will go as planned, and these solar generators strike the perfect balance between the two. As technology advances, the drawbacks become less and the benefits become more prominent.

  • Delivers Free and Clean Energy
  • Extremely quiet and peaceful
  • Has Low Running Cost
  • Take it Everywhere You Go
  • Better in an emergency

Key considerations

Battery Capacity

A battery with a high capacity and high power rating typically delivers more electricity for a longer period of time. If you choose a small size, it won't continuously run your power supply. Byrony is a perfect choice.


Converting direct current (DC) from solar panels to alternating current (AC), inverters carry a watt rating to show the maximum output of power they can generate. Having an outstanding inverter can help you save amount of energy.

Expert Tip
"I have a Byrony, it uses advanced pure sine wave inverter with 90% power conversion efficiency, while others can't reach. Highly Recommend!"
Ryan Hardy
Ten Years Solar Generator User


Will you be using your solar generator in your home or on the go? For portability, look for units that are easier to carry and maneuver will benefit both home or outdoors. Most consumers says that a big capacity but relatively lightweight will be good, such as Byrony G2000.

Battery Type

Lead-acid and lithium-ion are the most common options. Lead acid are used to power things like automobiles, while lithium-ion options are often used to run power tools. Byrony Solar Generator has an excellent battery can last for 10 years.


Solar generators, as we have seen in this assessment, are not the type of device that is built to last a decade. As a result, many of them have a limited guarantee. However, we would not recommend a one-year or two-year warranty, as many manufacturers provide.We recommend you five years of warranty like the Byrony G2000 Portable Power Station offer.


  • Check to see if the generator comes with solar panels. You don't want to open up your solar generator just to discover that one of the components is missing.

  • Keep Solar Generator Out of Sunlight. The difference is that solar panels require a lot of sunlight, but the solar generator does not. Keep yours somewhere cool so the fans can do their job if the battery overheats.

  • Don't Let Solar Generator Get Wet. While some solar generators are water resistant, this does not mean they can be left outside in the rain. If you're camping in the woods, cover it with a sheet or at the very least bring it beneath your tent awning.

best home backup solar generators


Q. Can a solar generator power a house?

A. Solar energy can be used to power a whole home. However, there are other aspects to consider before deciding to use solar electricity to power your home. Larger solar generators are used to power homes and can successfully power appliances. The size of the house and its electrical usage will also be factors.

Q. What size solar generator do I need?

A. Your refrigerator solar generator might not operate on other appliances, such as your microwave. You'll need one that fits your lifestyle, your electrical needs, and the electrical demands of your equipment.

Q. How to care & clean?

A. Solar generators are low-maintenance in general. They don't have complicated gear inside, and there isn't much movement, so there's less to keep up with. However, you should take good care of this home and travel necessity so that your generator lasts a long time.