The Latest Solar Generator Buying Guide for 2024!

By Wesley David MAY 30, 2024
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How I Effectively Reduced My Electricity Bill

Here Are the Shocking Results...

Solar generators have recently been top-rated in dealing with power outage emergencies. And more people are getting to know it because it is also a perfect pal for short trips. However, it is not an easy thing to buy a suitable one because there are so many options on the market. 

Many readers asked me to review the Byrony G2000 solar generator because it had been tested by a lot of influencers before, and a lot of readers want to see if they did show its real functionality. So here we are, with our test results. 

We've tested other solar generators before, but we have to say that Byrony's performance is much better than expected! It is not only super powerful but also come with an exclusive offer. 

Here's How Powerful It Is...

average price of electricity

Huge Battery Capacity, Durable Power Supply...

Capacity is the most critical point in choosing a battery. Because when you don't know how long the power will be out and you only have a storage power supply with a capacity of less than 1000wh, you have to be very careful with it and constantly worry that it will have "power emergency" problems again. Based on some of the electrical devices we commonly use after a power outage, we conducted the ultimate power test on Byrony.

Power a refrigerator for 144 hours

In actual tests, Byrony powered a 100W refrigerator for more than 144 hours. This result is enough to prove that it can ideally guarantee the storage of food or medicine in the refrigerator, even in the case of an emergency or a prolonged power failure.

Powered microwave oven for 3 hours

In practical tests, Byrony could keep a 700W microwave running for 3 hours, and some readers may need help understanding what this means.  Simply put, Byrony can power a family of four for more than three days if everyone spends 15-20 minutes a day heating food.

Essential power for 7 days

We put Byrony to the ultimate test. We used lamps, a WiFi router, a phone, and a microwave to simulate how long Byrony would last if there were a prolonged power outage. The results were beyond our imagination! Byrony lasted perfectly for 7 days, during which time we did not charge it in any way. It can last much longer if you use solar panels to supplement the energy of it during use!

The Cost of Electricity...

Another reason why we recommend it is the price. As the amount of electricity bills increases and the prices of other energy sources such as natural gas and oil go crazy, we all pay high energy costs. But now, choosing a good solar generator can significantly reduce your energy consumption costs.

We divided the sales price by the battery's energy capacity to calculate the cost/wh you need to buy. Finally, we compared Byrony with several similar-capacity products on the market.

The results are clear - Byrony offers better value for money. For the same capacity, Byrony costs less.

Byrony G2000 has a capacity of 2220wh and a power rating of 2000w. It can charge your laptop 36 times, your phone 208 times, and keep a 12W light bulb lit for 174 hours, just like never running out of juice.

solar generator comparison

Rich Output Ports for Multi-device or Multi-person Use...

Byrony has a nice appearance, especially its reasonable interface layout. Byrony G2000 has five output modes and 10 output ports to meet our daily charging of various small appliances and digital devices. The power level is also clearly displayed on the LED screen.

That's the beauty of it - the huge capacity and various output ports make the Bryony G2000 a perfect performance. As a result, it's great for multiple people or families.

We tested by using boiling water for coffee in the electric kettle and making scrambled eggs on the electric stovetop burner at the same time. Meanwhile, we heated some chopped ham and cheese in the microwave. And after all of these, it only took a fraction of the battery capacity of this machine. Imagine that when the power is out, you can still use it to make a delicious breakfast for families. And it can support at least 3 phones and 2 laptops simultaneously. If the power goes out at home, your families can use it together and no longer have to wait in line to charge.

Battery Life and Safety Level Security...

Safety certification is also a key point as a home backup power station. There is no room for error in home security.

Byrony G2000 has UL, SDS, and SGS safety certifications. That means a higher battery safety rating and no chemical hazards. In addition, it comprises six square NCM battery packs with high specific energy and power, and the battery life is over 1000 cycles.

Also, Byrony offers an extra-long warranty of 5 years, which is far beyond the level of other products on the market and is very much a quality guarantee.

Always Have Energy Reserved...

Perhaps some of you don't know that because of the idle draw of the AC inverter, which nibbles away about 1% of battery life every hour. Even if you don't use your solar generator, you still need to check its power from time to time.

We previously purchased a solar generator of the same type before. At first, it also performed very well, and then we placed it fully charged to storage. But when the power goes out one day after a month, we try to use it to power our laptops to finish an urgent job. Unfortunately, we were so surprised that it consumed all the power by itself that we didn't finish the work that day. And after that, we found it became very poorly used. This saddened us because it wasn't cheap, but it was easy to break and didn't give us any coverage when needed.

So this time, we put Byrony in storage for 7 days to test it. What surprised us most was that after a whole week, it still turned on quickly and lost less than 1% of its power. 

Where to Buy...

After testing various solar generators on the market,the Byrony G2000 is the one I am most satisfied with.The comprehensive performance of generators on the market in all dimensions cannot be compared with Byrony.In my opinion,this is a no-brainer and a key reason why Byrony gets our top marks.And to be honest,I'd put this device at the very top of my list,even at its regular price.

For anyone reading this right now,the news just got better.Currently,Byrony is offering a limited 50% discount on their website.Take advantage of their special offers,visit their official website now while they are still in stock,and say goodbye to annoying blackouts.



I love it! I use it  in the winter for my electric space heater. . It is great for keeping batteries charged.


Very impressive. It worked great when the power went out. Like this, there are many ways to charge it, including solar power.


Perfect for rooms that have no electric outlets; the flashlight is great too.


Worked great used it on a 200w refrigerator and did have to recharge once.  Used it to blow up air mattresses and charge devices.


If you need to worry about power outages due to the weather this is a nice strong piece of equipment.

David St John

That's amazing! It is perfect for what we need. Light weight and compact.


I currently have a job that requires me to use my laptop and to travel to locations without a power source.  And this is really suitable for me and my work, this power station can support my laptop whole day perfectly.

1 Std.LikeReply
Steven McCarty

Bright light for the dark nights, good at charge and is portable. I couldn't have asked for more.

1 Std.LikeReply
Patricia R.

This solar generator packs a punch!!   Our house lost power and this lasted all weekend to recharge mini fans, as a light source and even kept my wife happy by charging her cell phone.

1 Std.LikeReply

Don't delay... this product is the one you need. Serves all kinds of devices and battery last forever.

2 Std.LikeReply
John F. Barker

A storm a month ago knocked out power for 3 days. Keeping phones and our lights was a problem and this unit is perfect for that.

2 Std.LikeReply
chris barbay

left this at my daughters this past winter to be sure she could keep the heating if the power goes off.  Also is good for her phone if need be.

3 Std.LikeReply

This is incredible. It is great that you can charge things on this and  it will be perfect in a emergency.

4 Std.LikeReply

Buy it you won't be disappointed great to have.

4 Std.LikeReply
Dawn Blackshear

I'm very impressed with this product.  Like having the option of charging with solar and the big capacity.  It's a very well engineered.  Thank you for making this product.  I will enjoy it for years to come.

6 Std.LikeReply

This hasn't been used much. But so far, so good. This thing seems to be a really good value.

6 Std.LikeReply

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