4 Best Backyard Solar Generators

Are you often have a barbecue with friends and family in your backyard and want a power supply to power your electric grill? These 4 solar generators are exactly what you want.

A backup power supply is essential not only for recreational activities like fishing, hiking, or camping, but also for emergency scenarios like blackouts or vehicle breakdowns on the road.

Traditional gas or gasoline generators are too large to transport to open outdoor locations, to say nothing of the fact that they pollute the environment. Solar generators are a great option for this because they are limitless, dependable, and portable.

These solar generators can charge several gadgets, including those found in RVs, electronics, and even CPAP machines. Take a peek at the top ten models for this fantastic solar-powered option.

Best Backyard Solar Generators

1. Byrony Solar Powered Generator

⚡️ Wattage: 2.000 Watts

⚖️ Weight: 44 Pounds

The Byrony G2000 solar generator is the greatest portable solar generator on the market.

Probably the component on the market with the biggest capacity (2220Wh), capable of simultaneously powering up to ten devices. The pure sine wave inverter has a constant output of 2000W and a surge capacity of 5,000W, making it ideal for running induction motor-equipped equipment like refrigerators and pumps.

Three AC outlets are provided for connecting these loads. This solar generator also features four USB ports: two regular USB-A (5V, 2.4A), one USB-C (5V, 3.0A), and a single USB-PD (60W), all of which are compatible with various electronic devices and charging speeds.


  • None of the other solar generators have batteries with this level of capacity.
  • The maximum output wattage of any of our finest solar generators.
  • Multiple AC outlets are available.


  • The charging rate could be faster.

2. POWEROAK Portable Solar Power Station

⚡️ Wattage: 300 Watts

⚖️ Weight: 6.6 Pounds

This power station also has four different charging options. It comes with an AC converter that takes 6 hours to charge, but you can also buy a separate solar panel to use to charge the station. Additionally, a 12V and 24V car outlet are incorporated.

The noise is the only major drawback of this power plant. Because this generator makes noise, it may not be suited for bedrooms or workplaces.

There's no disputing that solar generators can be expensive, and this POWEROAK model is no exception. However, given its big capacity and wide range of outputs, this solar generator appears to be a decent buy. This generator is a must-have for days spent off the grid.


  • High-quality construction that can sustain repeated use
  • Multiple outlets - enough to charge up to 11 devices at once
  • A convenient carry case is available for transporting the unit
  • Battery life and power load are displayed on a clear indication screen
  • Solar, wall outlet, auto charger, or generator are all options for charging


  • Connecting to certain types of solar panels can be difficult
  • Slightly noisy due to the fan - unsuitable in office environments

3. ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Generator

⚡️ Wattage: 600 Watts

⚖️ Weight: 11.66 Pounds

With a huge 606Wh capacity, the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Generator provides solid emergency power. It has a robust carry handle and a small design that makes it easy to transport. It's light enough to carry from car to campsite, weighing only 5.3kg.

This generator has four charging options. Use an adaptor, the PD quick charge feature, a solar panel, or the 12V adapter from your car. It can be charged from 0 to 100% in 3 hours using a wall outlet and USB-C, or it may be charged in 6 hours using a solar panel. The automobile outlet will take approximately 12 hours.


  • With a 600W output, it outperforms others on the market and can charge numerous devices at once.
  • It's also light, weighing only 5.3kgs and simple to carry thanks to the robust handle.
  • Long battery life, and charging tiny gadgets like LED lights or cellphones has little effect on the battery.
  • Even on rainy days, solar charging works - though not as well as when the sun beams.


  • There is no wireless charging, which is a useful feature.
  • When the fan is turned on, it is quite noisy, so if you use it in a trailer overnight, you may be disturbed.

4. Powkey Portable Solar Generator

⚡️ Wattage: 500 Watts

⚖️ Weight: 7.26 Pounds

The Powkey Portable Solar Generator isn't the most fashionable portable solar generator on the market, but it delivers on performance.

First, let's have a look at the design. This model measures 30.5 x 11.9 x 19.6cm and weighs only 3.3kg. It has a handle so you can effortlessly transport it from one location to another.

This generator produces no pollutants or noise, so it can be used indoors without worry. It can be utilized without disturbing you in sleeping places or offices.


  • There are three alternatives for charging: mains power, auto charger, or solar panel.
  • Keeps you safe in the vast outdoors with a built-in LED flashlight with three modes.
  • Lightweight and portable, especially considering the great power - only 3.3kgs
  • The AC port can handle up to 500W of power.


  • The design isn't the most appealing - it's a little bulky and invasive.
  • Although there is a rapid charge option, charging takes a long time.

The Conclusion

Keep in mind that a solar generator should have as many output terminals as feasible, and you should choose the one that best meets your demands; undersizing is particularly undesirable, but oversizing may result in unnecessary costs. Calculate and try to estimate your current power and energy needs, then choose the model that provides the best balance of power and energy capacity, output terminals, and price.